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I have written, recorded, played and produced a lot of music and songs for various episodes of the Netflix show, "Love Is Blind" Seasons 3 + 5:

As most of the music are tracks made specifically for the show (+ a lot of background music), only two tracks from the show are available for streaming:

"Love Is Good To Me" (co-written with US/Filipina artist, Petrina Danardatu who sings the lead vocal) and
"Happy Lonely Road" (just me, my guitar and some additional instruments)

The rest of the music is not released

13.1 billion. That's how many minutes "Love is Blind" was streamed in 2022, according to Nielsen data, making it the eighth most popular original streaming show of the year and the top unscripted series.

For a long time, the show has been the #1 most viewed show on Netflix in the US and across Europe