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Hello there. Thank you for stopping by my web site.

Do you have any questions or ideas? Perhaps you would like me to produce your music, co-write, compose, mix, arrange, coach or maybe collaborate in other ways?

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On this site you can learn a little bit more about my work.

I am in love with the many processes of creating, playing, recording, mixing and arranging music.

I started my studio and production company, Hoyer Songs, in 2004.

As a multi instrumentalist, I like playing a diverse range of instruments.
The studio is my playground.

I have thought and dreamed about music and songs since I started playing the guitar as a 7 year-old boy.
I had a great guitar teacher back then, the late jazz guitarist, Helge Jakobsen, who played with Leo Mathisen, Svend Asmussen and many others... In fact, he was the first guitarist to play an "electrified" guitar in Denmark.

He was also a painter. Often, when I arrived for a lesson, he would be in the midst of a process of splashing out oil paints over a big canvas. I would catch a glimpse of a whole other type of expression than music, but somehow related a bit...it was fascinating. The room would be completely heavy with cigarette smoke as he was quite a chain smoker...looking back, it seems like a different world. I was so lucky to live down the same street as him.

Back then, for me, it was very much Shu-bi-dua and The Beatles and the radio (VERY genre-diverse in the 80's, which was a good thing!).
During the weekends, I would make cassette tapes, recording my guitar and sound clips from the radio, making up dialogues, fake interviews, curious comments and sounds...I guess that was kind of the beginning of what I am doing today. Certainly, I was already sucked into a world of sounds and music.
Later, I started forming my own bands...

Formal education:
I have a Bachelor's Degree (Bachelor of Arts) in English with Musicology and Philosophy, from University of Copenhagen.
I studied there for about five years, initially completing a year of Philosophy and then switching to English with Musicology.

Recently, I took private lessons in Orchestration, with the great classical composer, and friend, Peter Schmidt Bruun.

In many ways, however, I consider myself rather self taught, having figured a lot of stuff out as I went along.


/ Chris